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PHENOMENA OF BIOLOGICAL ANTIGRAVITATION NATURAL   PHENOMENA OF BIOLOGICAL ANTIGRAVITATION ASSOCIATED WITH INVISIBILITY  IN INSECTS & GREBENNIKOV’S CAVITY STRUCTURAL EFFECT (“Flight” – V chapter from the book “MY WORLD” by Viktor S. Grebennikov ) In the spring of 2001, Viktor S. Grebennikov died.The eternal memory of this uncommon scientist – naturalist will remain in our

Flying an Anti-gravitational Platform

Flying an Anti-gravitational Platform (excerpts from a diary) Judge it for yourself from my diary excerpts-obviously simplified and adapted for this book. Pictures and drawings will help you to evaluate my story… A hot summer day. Far-away expanses drown in a bluish-lilac haze; the sky’s gigantic cupola with fluffy clouds stretches above the fields and


PROBLEMS OF THE INHOMOGENEOUS PHYSICAL VACUUM. In order of the extended discussion and information interchange between experts in problems of physical vacuum, at first time on web we presents the monography “Polarization model of the inhomogeneous physical vacuum”. by V.L. Dyatlov. The monography was published in the small number of copies by publishing office of

Antigravity technology, history and prospects

Antigravity technology. levitation of a piezocrystal. Schauberger Antigravity technology, history and prospects Anti-gravity, it sounds mysterious. That word alone can infuriate a dozen skeptics. Why are we talking about it? There are reasons for this. At the end of last year, in my article on the EmDrive engine, I predicted that the development of this

The SECRET of eternal youth

The SECRET of eternal youth The SECRET of eternal youth was revealed to Radik Bogdanov, a resident of the Bashkir village of Yazykovo, in a dream. A huge ball, with another one inside. The vision was blurry, but he woke up knowing exactly how to make a “rejuvenation capsule”. Rejuvenation capsuleIt will consist of two

Earth’s electric field as an energy source

Earth’s electric field as an energy source. The article suggests a method for extracting energy from the Earth’s electric field. The search for new energy sources is becoming urgent in our time, since The earth’s hydrocarbon reserves are finite, and the available alternative energy sources cannot cover all the needs of humanity. This method is