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Electric Flying Machines

Electric Flying Machines. Thomas Townsend Brown CAVERNOUS SPACE For the enthralled onlookers United Nations agency according the mysterious and celebrity “aeroships” throughout the 1890’s, cavernous area perceived to be gap new secrets and potentials for humanity. the full nation watched the night skies for signs of strange crafts, ships “from associate degree unknown world” Aeroship

Map grid – the map of the world

Map grid. by David Hatcher Childress Map grid – the map of the world. What is the planet Grid? however will it’s it mapped? What will it do? Why should we tend to agonize concerning it? What does it should with anti-gravity? In my several travels round the world in search of lost cities and ancient

Artificial humans

by Lev Grossman On Feb. 15, 1965, a diffident but self-possessed high school student named Raymond Kurzweil appeared as a guest on a game show called I’ve Got a Secret. He was introduced by the host, Steve Allen, then he played a short musical composition on a piano. The idea was that Kurzweil was hiding an unusual fact

The latency of the density of hydrocarbons

The latency of the density of hydrocarbons.This article will be more interesting to those working with petroleum products. To understand, at the end of the article there is an explanation of terms. The latency of the fuel density is not just a dependence of the density on the temperature. The latency of the density of

Transfer of information

Hi. Today I would like to talk about a device for remote transfer of information. The device was patented MNYIKA them. academician V. p. Kaznacheyev, Novosibirsk, Akademgorodok. Let’s try to understand the essence of the information transfer process. The device is simple, but ingeniously competent. The helium neon laser emits a spiral light flux inside

Wormholes, and Time Machines

Introduction Wormholes… “Time is that the fireplace during which we tend to all burn,” says a personality in a very Star Trek moving picture. This quote captures the hold that point has on our imaginations. Time, particularly the fascinating and philosophically thorny issue of your time travel, has been a typical topic of fantasy since

Leonov’s Theory Of Superunion

QUANTUM ENERGY No one knows how to bend the empty space, but if the space is really filled with something, then there are some options about the nature of gravity. I propose to consider the theory of Superbadiste V. S. LEONOV. Details in Russian can be found here: English available book V. S. LEONOV’s “QUANTUM

A Treatise on Astral Projection

by Robert Bruce 1999 Part 1What Is The Astral Realm Introduction here are certain aspects of the astral dimension and the projection process that are very complicated. Much of it is misunderstood and it can all be very confusing at times. This series of articles attempts to shed a little light on the subject, and hopefully, explain what