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The conversation on the Aether

The conversation on the Aether

Why ought to we have a tendency to once more favor to speak of AN aether? Isn’t that like resurrecting the notion of God, one God, in scientific terms?

It is a poorly grasped true statement that the Michelson-Morley experiment ’ended once ANd for all any notion that an Aether did or may exist’. we’ve already written extensively on this matter, however allow us to say once more in a very outline fashion that the Michelson-Morley experiment failed to, in any way, do away with any doable thought of the Aether. What it did do away with was thought of a hard and fast aether that, to boot, was magnetism in nature.

Einstein himself supposed, till well into the Twenties, that there may and will be AN Aether which, altogether probability, it’d convince be gravitative. Later, of course, a blemished geometrical analysis over happy him, and there not remained a necessity, in his mind, to consider the field as AN actual energy flux. Instead, his theorizing resorted to deformations of a quasi-static pure mathematics.

Einstein felt legitimized, in a sense, to try and do this as a result of he thought that this was wherever the ’technologized’ senses, the laboratory experiments and also the Gedanken experiments inevitably semiconductor diode. however this flip in his thinking is, in a sense, a betrayal of his earlier positions. And, to the present day, people who speak of AN aether are solely able to ideate it as an magnetism reality.

Well, our theoretical work has news for them. each the chums and also the foes of Aether theory have continually fought, and still fight, on the grounds that the Aether is AN magnetism reality – or an magnetism unreality. Einstein, within the Twenties, really had a reading of the Michelson-Morley experiment just like that that Aetherometry proposes – maintaining that it had solely disproved that the Aether was stationary and was magnetism in nature.

This was really a unique insight. we have a tendency to role player attention to the present little-remembered truth of Einstein’s thought in our article entitled Consequences of the Null results of the Michelson-Morley experiment, that appeared in issue #38 of Infinite Energy, and as a result, slowly, we have a tendency to are getting down to see this realization being concerned in alternative articles also. Likewise, Woodrow Charles Herman Oberth believed that the field was an lively reality that might be controlled and built – although not by magnetism means that.

And Reich, of course, additionally stood except the gang and introduced the term ’orgone’ so as to designate a site of energy that couldn’t be confused with any notion of an magnetism aether or massbound electrical fields.

But simply because the Aether isn’t magnetism doesn’t mean that an idea of AN Aether properly enunciated does not have a kin line and a correct place within the structure of physics. One may begin this ungrateful task by seizing the break introduced by Reich in conceptualizing a dynamic Aether: antecedently the Imponderable was construed as having mass however not weight; nonetheless, based mostly upon the identity of mass and mass (or mass-equivalent wavelength, in Aetherometry) – the terribly identity that was cardinal for Einstein’s General Theory of theory of relativity – Reich was dropped at understand that the Imponderable isn’t simply weightless, however additionally noninertial and therefore massfree.

Here lies the break, AN philosophy rupture that puts into perspective the error in Einstein’s interpretation of the Jeans relation, E = mc2. As B. Russell place it, it’d seem that mass and energy are terribly various things, “but it’s clad that energy is that the same issue as measured mass”. Well, it is not. Mass, like wavelength, is however one in every of the (possible) constituents of energy and, what’s nonetheless a lot of elementary, energy exists in massless forms wherever the operate crammed by mass in mass-energy, or within the world of Matter, is crammed instead by a free wavelength operate.

Secondly, it thus happens that what characterizes the fashionable notion of the Aether, the notion argue by Aetherometry, isn’t simply that the Aether is dynamic; not just that it’s not magnetism or that it is weightless; however additionally that, as Reich quite justly contended, the dynamic Aether is massfree. this is often its essential characteristic.

Thirdly, there’s this ’strange and unfinished’ rupture marked by the conception of ’orgone’ energy, an idea that originally was much similar with the dynamic Aether, although would later be actual displaced from this sense by the invention of DOR. Reich ne’er had the chance to explore this disjunction of massfree energy sufficiently to comprehend that even the duality of OR and DOR doesn’t exhaust the planet of the Imponderable, the planet of the massfree Aether.

If the manifolds of area and Time should be thought of as distinct and freelance from mass or mass-energy, freelance, in a word, from the planet of Matter, from its inertia and its gravitative fields, then the terribly energetic envelope of those 2 manifolds bears no electrical property and nonetheless generates area and Time. Indeed, nobody has ever shown that production of area and Time is automatically an electrical method.

This short and curt thought alone indicates the cosmological breadth of the matter since, as Aetherometry proposes, the character of the OR and DOR radiations is exactly that they’re electrical kinds of energy, bearing ambipolar and massfree charge through the medium of longitudinal waves. Likewise, to feature to the motion of this concrete downside, phenomena of ’latent heat’, antigravitation, cloud-formation and also the acquisition of higher- order states of the intrinsic mechanical energy of molecules, etc, all betray or indicate the action of a massfree energy flux that isn’t electrical, whether or not it will and will interconvert with ambipolar massfree energy.

We are semiconductor diode to conclude that the Aether may be a polyvalent domain distinct from Matter. This must be absolutely understood: Matter, at the tip of the day, once all is alleged and done, is however Aether energy unfree in electrically stable constructs that deploy mechanical phenomenon properties so as to conserve each mass (mass-energy) and massbound charge. however Aether energy, because the pristine domain of massfree energy, is neither magnetism, nor composed of photons, nor monopolar electrical nor even electric intrinsically.

The Aether encompasses each electrical and nonelectric kinds of massfree energy, with the previous being ambipolar and not monopolar. All monopolar charges are massbound, that is certain to mechanical phenomenon charge carriers. All massfree charges are ambipolar, and that they might have energy that belongs to 1 of 2 spectra, OR or DOR. Orgone is so merely a subtype of aether energy, affine with the living. Moreover, the cosmological issues raised by the Aether primarily concern not its electrical formation, however its nonelectric energy kind, and the way it produces smart thermal photons with the temperature of the Cosmic microwave background (CBR).

Thus the conception of AN Aether because the domain of massfree energy, whether or not electrical or not, may be a purposeful conception that addresses the perception of the invisible, of that massfree Imponderable that deploys even area and Time as of all eternity. Here is AN eternity that can’t be normalized or renormalized, nor reduced by thought.

For these varied reasons we have a tendency to cannot and will not invent a replacement word to explain the Aether; instead, we must always obtain to be told and comprehend what Reich discovered, the domains of massfree electrical energy, and, specifically, the physical and chemical affinity that the OR portion of this domain has for keeps and also the living.

If something, the indefinition of the term ’orgone’ and also the shift in physical that means it underwent worked against Reich’s scientific method of investigation. as a result of this word, OR energy, had true specificity within the ambipolar vary of Aether energy and, further, due to its specific connotations with regard to cellular biology, this confusion opened the gates to barbaric usages of mysticism in decoding Reich’s theory. Aetherometry is incredibly unforgiving during this respect. The Aether isn’t a ZPE time, exactly as a result of there isn’t any magnetism continuum; neither is the Aether the identical as Reich’s orgone; the planet of the Aether encompasses orgone in concert of its subdomains, electrical and inside physical boundaries that science will ascertain and that Aetherometry has discovered.

More relevant to the current state of Physics is that the indisputable fact that OR energy may be a ’subchapter’ of the massfree Aether that produces the whole thing of the useful or LFOT electromagnetic wave also as most of the ’latent heat’ that every one living reactions – aerobic and anaerobic and photosynthetic – use. Here, Reich’s discovery and also the new term ’orgone’ may be, or may are, a robust tool, a replacement reality, rather than AN uncalled-for duplicative word that the majority individuals merely assimilate to the previous magnetism aether. this is often exactly the error of most aether theorists, Reichians enclosed, UN agency still come to the previous aether studies, like those of Miller: they continue imaginarily re-demonstrating AN aether that may still be static – and magnetism at that. This solely proves the profound insufficiency of their reading of Reich.

The essential break is exactly this: Reich used the word ’orgone’ hesitatingly in AN inductive experimental fashion, however didn’t construct for it the correct conception. within the mouths of his followers it’d become, instead, a catch-all phrase lacking any clear definition.

But the Aether is an lively reality that – even while not knowing something regarding orgone accumulators, electroscopes, orgone motors, Tesla coils, etc.- we have a tendency to should still surprise regarding with the tools of science. For as presently as we’ve to alter the truth of a cosmic microwave background filling the whole thing of area, or try to perceive area and Time outside of theory of relativity, the insistent queries of each ’latent heat’ and also the Aether resurface.

Cosmologically, it’s rather obvious that the antigravitational property of ’latent heat’ has tremendous implications. the rationale why energy at the same time unfolds area and Time is because of a really primary property of outlined energy states: that other than secondary superimposition and section coincidences, they have a tendency to separate themselves from the time they compose, as if a minimum repulsion existed between the only units of energy.

The deeper reason why the envelope of area and Time doesn’t and can not collapse is found exactly within the ’antigravitic’ or ’repulsive’ property of ’latent heat’. this is often the deeper secret of it – that it’s been Aetherometry’s task each to unravel and to document. thus if we have a tendency to are to handle the issues of area and Time as functions of energy, we have a tendency to should initial perceive they’re functions of that ’latent’ energy in massfree kind.

It is exactly this ’latent’ energy in massfree kind that, as scientists still {attempt to|try ANd|try to|try to} quiet down an atom in a very entice to temperature, keeps pig-headedly resisting; keeps victimisation that atom as a pick-up antenna for the capture of ’latent heat’ that the atom persistently converts into the insufficient bursts of smart heat it releases and which, for a mass of atoms, impede the research worker from ever having the ability to bring any atom to temperature. There is, in alternative words, a nominal thermal heat that atoms perpetually propagate, moving with the waves of ’latent heat’ that manufacture and unfold area and Time.

The Aether may ne’er be gravitative intrinsically, as a result of the field is made coextensively with the presence of mass-energy or Matter in this field. So, while the field is AN Aether field, that is a field of massfree energy, it’s certain to mass-energy all over as well as the planet, the sun and also the galaxy. however this gravitative energy, that exists by virtue of being certain to Matter and mediates all the attractions we have a tendency to decision gravitative, isn’t divisible from the existence of its opposite – ’latent heat’.

In reality the planets are all buoyant in a very ’fluid’ that keeps them apart even as very much like it brings them along. Gravitationally speaking, they solely move, as Reich recognized within the context of superimposition, within the same area however at totally different times. this is often one in every of the meanings of space and Time, wherever there are often synchronization while not timing or strict synchronisation – a coincidence in virtual area with AN interval in Time for 2 totally different superimposing segments of the Aether lattice.

Two totally different items of the lattice for the identical ’ideal Space’. The positions are apparently the identical however area is effectively totally different, whether or not it seems to be the identical or identical. area may be a property of energy and, as Time intervenes, the flux of energy is essentially totally different for the identical apparent relative position. area is consistently recreated. the final word pool of Aether energy consists of the antigravitic property of ’latent heat’.

Space utterly empty of Matter, at as high a vacuum as is also achieved, wherever nearly no styles of energy are to be found – that pure conjunction of area and Time that supports no life is withal energetic, and it’s this unceasing flux that allows its flowering and its growth as area and Time. This quantum of ’latent’ energy alone synchronizes huge quantities of energy in its perpetual production of area and Time, systematically and homogeneously to our perception – we have a tendency tore we to arrive there as a ’perfect subject or observer’.

And so, {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a terribly} very real sense, cosmologically speaking, we might must be capable of initial conceiving of the ’great Inanimate’ (as Castaneda once represented its perception) – well before we start to talk of something that needs to do with electroscopes, accumulators, induction coils, orgone motors, PAGDs, wherever electrical manifestations of the Aether are instead apparent as manifestations of ’Animate energy’. we have a tendency to are unnatural to acknowledge what others decision ’empty space’ as area with Time, as functions of energy that irreversibly flow with the flux of your time.

We are unnatural to suppose this manner, if we have a tendency to obtain the parcel of land of science. this is often the terribly challenge – the purpose after we can continually abandon theory of relativity. For, if we have a tendency to are to defend science because the domain of the quantitative, it’s the irresponsibleness of the quantitative that we have a tendency to should turn out by introducing the qualitative, starting with the physical – like the physical effects of distinct energy forms, and then on – to embody the physical boundaries of that quantitative. while not this task, there’s no science, solely mythical creature thought.

To follow Leibniz’s and Deleuze’s inspiration, everything else we have a tendency to consult with as ’other kinds of energy’ are the results of the folding of this terribly unrolled reality we decision Aether. it’s the folding that shortens the distances and permits the opposite physical effects. most elementary to any or all matter is that that is basic to the envelope of the cosmos itself: the assembly of area and Time as properties of energy flow.

Before we are able to talk any of the opposite properties – gravitic, electric, thermal, electromagnetic, ionizing, etc. – we have a tendency to initial must speak about the properties of ’latent heat’, as a result of it’s these that concretely support the time of area and Time. the rationale why there’s a microwave background is exactly as a result of all over there is conversion of whole unrolled, thus to talk, pure area and Time, pure continuity, into folds.

The moment that superimposition of energy produces mass, this mass, the littlest speck of Matter, like the negatron and its variants, can move with this energy whether or not it’s latent or electrical. If it’s latent, it’ll use it to kinetically repel gravitative fields. If it’s electrical, it’ll use it as a supply of electrokinetic energy and as how of manufacturing the prompt photons it releases. If we have a tendency to wished to be somewhat crude regarding it, we have a tendency to may say that photons are however the terribly transient dejecta of electrons and protons.

And since all hadrons are composites of protons, photons are, simply put, farts. however to imagine that the Aether in its completeness consists solely of farts is actually, we’ve to mention, a plan for farts. and that we may additionally say that this is often exactly what’s wrong with Physics. The aether isn’t composed of farts, it’s not composed of photons and it is not magnetism. And it’s not static with more reason. The Aether consists of the Imponderable Dark wherever there’s solely pure motion in a very sleek area, whether or not that motion is inspired or not. Everything else arises from it.

One man asks: what’s ’latent heat’? somebody answers ’it is that the lost heat inside a steam engine’. Another answers ’no, it’s the intrinsic mechanical energy of a gas’. And still another protests ’no it’s the ’latent heat’ of a molecule in a very vapor section precondensate’. What we have a tendency to are voice communication is – ignore of these definitions. The structure of area and Time isn’t electrical and it’s not gravitative either.

Gravitational fields are specific fields of massfree energy that are affected to mass-energy in a very state of flux, and wish to be regenerated perpetually for that mass-energy to conserve itself. we are able to definitely ideate area and Time within the absence of Matter. however what’s it that creates area ANd Time? If they’re energetic elements – the manifold properties of energy itself – they need to possess an energy structure, they need to possess wave functions that aren’t any totally different in sort from the other wave functions related to legendary energetic manifestations.

Why ought to we have a tendency to suddenly privilege a cosmological perspective ANd rework it into an affair of pure mathematics and go the method of General Relativity? Why? Why should we do that?

Especially if one is committed to a treatment of area and Time as properties of energy, this is often positively not the thanks to go. For topology will definitely teach United States nothing regarding the energetic relation of area with Time, or regarding the synchronisms of aether energy in its varied forms.

But it’s AN altogether totally different refer perceive ’latent heat’, to grasp however molecules have totally different capacities to get it, however they entice it within the microatmospheres encompassing them to supply the essential effects of the Van der Waals force law (to get replaced by the much more precise Aetherometric treatment) and to grasp how, within the context of those totally different manifestations of ’latent heat’, we discover a standard divisor that reduces to the cosmological functions of pure sleek area and pure timing within the absence of any Matter, any charge, any magnetism fields, any radiative fields save the radiative field that produces each area and Time. it’s here we discover the naked reality of the Aether as massfree latent energy. on the far side the darkness lies the Dark.

If the Animate energy of the Aether is that the Dark and also the domain of ambipolar electricity, the terribly domain shared by OR and DOR, there’s still a darker, deeper chasm, the Inanimate.

It is the best of all molecules – since it composes the terribly envelope of area and Time that we have a tendency to understand because the essence of our existence within the world around United States.

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