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Aether by K.A. Khaidarov. 1

What is Aether?
Cosmic Aether is the basic physical matter of the Universe, filling all the physical space, the environment of all physical phenomena. In addition to Aether, there is nothing in the Universe. Physical fields (electric, magnetic, electromagnetic) are forms of motion of the Aether. All the elementary particles of matter (electrons, protons, neutrons …) are made of Aether, being simply the poles of the deformations of the Aether medium. Atomic elementary particles consist of atoms of matter. Atoms consist of molecules and other bodies of the Universe.
Aether is a corpuscular medium whose elements are amers – (other ameros – Greek. “Immeasurable”, the term Democritus), which is in equilibrium thermodynamic triple point with a temperature of 2.73 ° K, which is observed in the form of CMB – cosmic microwave radiation, thermal blackbody radiation of Aether. In contrast to the common name “Aether”, Aethers – a class of chemical compounds, Aether, as a proper name (it is one for the whole Universe), is written with a capital letter.
Cosmic Aether has its own physical parameters:

The dielectric constant ε0 = 8,854 [pF / m];
Magnetic permeability μ0 = 1.2566 [μHn / m];
Wave resistance X0 = (μ / ε) 1/2 = 377 [Ω]
The characteristic wave propagation velocity c = (ε * μ) -1/2 = 299792.4 [km / s]
The characteristic radius of amer – the element of corpuscular Aether is Ra = 1.61606 10-35 [m], corresponding to the fundamental Planck length, 1900.
Inertia density ρ = Eo / 3φo = 2.818 [kg / m3]
Quantum of the circulation of a pulse of Aether vortex, Planck’s constant h = 6,626176 (36) * 10-34 [J / Hz]
Quantum of magnetic flux in Aether F0 = h / 2e = 2.0678506.10-15 [Wb]
Temperature T = 2.73 ° K
Characteristic time of wave dissipation (Aether viscosity, attenuation constant, 1 / H, where H is the Hubble constant) τ = 13.8 billion years, H = 73 [km / (s * Mpc)]
Cosmic microwave background
This is the blackbody radiation of outer space itself, that is, of Aether filling it, having a temperature of 2.7ºK. The solar system moves in space (Aether) at a speed of 360 ± 30 km / s relative to the medium – the radiation source, that is, there is a Doppler frequency shift depending on the sidereal (star) direction.
Any reasonable person will say that there can be no smile without a cat and smoke without fire, something must be there, a warm, radiating EM wave corresponding to this temperature. Indeed, the observed cosmic microwave radiation (CMB) is the thermal radiation of Aether particles having a temperature of 2.7ºK. Back in the early twentieth century, the great chemists and physicists DI Mendeleev and Walter Nernst predicted that such radiation (temperature) should be detected in space. In 1933, prof. Erich Regener from Stuttgart measured this temperature with stratospheric probes. His measurements gave 2.8ºK – almost exact modern value.

But years passed, the whole of German physics was declared fascist and it became “politically correct” not to refer to the works of German physicists of those years, especially since most of them adhered to the positions of Aether physics, and not Poincaré-Einstein relativism. In 1965, two American Penzias (an emigrant from Germany) and Wilson stated that they discovered the radiation of space. A few years later they were given the Nobel Prize, as if no one knew the works of E. Regener.

We needed a relativistic explanation for this phenomenon. He was invented by an outstanding fantasy man, Joseph Shklovsky (do you remember the book of the million circulation “Universe, life, mind”?). He put forward a completely absurd idea, which consisted in the fact that this is the “relic” radiation remaining after the “Big Bang”, that is, from the moment of the “birth” of the Universe.

In 1974 – 1980, Professor Stefan Marinov from Graz, Austria, did a series of experiments in which he showed that the Earth moves with respect to a certain cosmic reference system at a speed of 360 ± 30 km / s, which clearly has some absolute status . Naturally, he was not allowed to speak anywhere and he was forced to start publishing his scientific journal “Deutsche Physik”, where he explained the phenomenon revealed to them.

Only in the 1990s, Doppler measurements with radio telescopes showed Marinov’s speed for CMB. Naturally, no one wanted to remember Marinov, and so that he did not remind himself of himself, the killers threw him out of the window of the university library.

However, no matter how hard relativists are, CMB is a direct proof of the existence of Aether, an absolute reference system in space, and, therefore, a refutation of Poincaré-Einstein relativism, which asserts that all IFRs are equal in rights, and Aether is not.

Why is relativism (SRT and GRT) not a true science?

True science necessarily relies on causality and the laws of nature, given to us in physical phenomena (facts).

In contrast, SRT and GRT are based on axiomatic postulates, that is, fundamentally unprovable dogmas, which the followers of these teachings are obliged to believe. That is, relativism is a form of religion, a cult, fanned by the political machine of the mythical authority of Einstein and his faithful followers, elevated to the rank of saints from relativistic physics.

Like any idolatrous religion, relativism is fundamentally false. He contradicts the facts. Among them are:

  1. The electromagnetic wave (in the religious terminology of relativism – “light”) has a strictly constant speed of 300 thousand km / s, which is absurdly not counted from anything. In fact, EM waves have different speeds in the substance (for example, ~ 200 thousand km / s in glass and ~ 3 million km / s in surface layers of metals, different speeds in Ether (see the article “Ether Temperature and Red Shifts”) different speeds for different frequencies (see the article “About the speed of EM waves”)
  2. In relativism, “light” is a mythical phenomenon in and of itself, and not a physical wave, which is the excitement of a certain physical environment. Relativistic “light” is the excitement of nothing in nothing. He does not have a carrier medium of vibrations.
  3. In relativism, manipulations with time (deceleration) are possible; therefore, the principle of causality and the principle of strict logic are violated therein, which are fundamental for any science. In relativism, at the speed of light, time stops (therefore, it is absurd to talk about the photon frequency). In relativism, such violence over the mind is possible as the statement about the mutual excess of the age of twins moving with subluminal speed, and other mockery of logic inherent in any religion.
  4. In gravitational relativism (GTR), contrary to observable facts, it is argued about the angular deviation of EM waves in empty space under the action of gravity. However, astronomers know that the optical radiation of eclipsing binary stars is not subject to such a deviation, and those “facts confirming Einstein’s theory” that were allegedly observed by A. Eddington in 1919 in relation to the Sun are falsification. “Gravitational lensing” allegedly observed near distant galaxies (but not at the scale of stars, where it should be according to the formulas of GTR!), Is in fact a thermal lensing associated with changes in the density of Ether from heating by myriad stars.

Like any idolatrous religion, relativism is a tool of the ideological subordination of some people by another with the help of absolutely unscrupulous manipulation of their psyche to achieve the interests of certain groups of people at the helm of this thieving machine. Continuation

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