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Aetherfly 1917

Aetherfly 1917. The name of Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky, the founder of modern cosmonautics, is widely known to every cultured person. Monuments have been erected to him, museums have been opened, works have been published and republished, and most importantly, spaceships fly according to the formulas he deduced a century ago. The name of Ivan Fedorovich

Observer Effect

Observer Effect, Observation Affects Reality. Observer in quantum physics I have now read such a statement that no one in this world understands what quantum mechanics is. This is perhaps the most important thing to know about her. Of course, many physicists have learned to use laws and even predict phenomena based on quantum computing.

Wilhelm Reich.

In the middle Thirties Dr. Reich began noticing an lively association that’s shared by all living beings and had the clarity of mind to not dismiss the observation as unimportant. Dr. Reich referred to as this energy “orgone” and worked for many years demonstrating its laws and learning its varied manifestations. His work encompassed forty

Is there any atoms of the Aether?

Is there any atoms of the Aether? Yes, but that’s not what you might expect. Jack Martinelli In ancient times the men of the great city gathered together to discuss the nature of the universe. After much deliberation they decided that the universe consists of the earth, the heavens, and a large turtle, which rests on

Aether Space 1925

Aether Space. Mysticism of the world Aether. Prof. A. Frankel. Aether space, Aether physics, luminiferous Aether, aether’s, Ether Aether Aether space Mysticism, i.e. belief in the supernatural, is the least relevant, it would seem, in the natural Sciences. In reality, however, not only biology but also physics are not entirely free from mystical elements. In


Photon. The new definition of a photon includes the following properties of electromagnetic waves: The propagation of magnetic waves and the constant speed of light. The consequence of determining the gravity and wave behavior of a photon as a transverse wave over the tension of the longitudinal curvature of the Global Aether is that the gravitational

Tesla and Einstein Were Both Right

Tesla and Einstein By Miles Mathis I will show in this paper that Tesla and Einstein were both right regarding the aether or ether. In the current state of the argument, Tesla and Einstein are seen to be on opposite ends of the question, in irreconcilable positions. The standard model interprets Einstein as being against all types

The Theory Of Aether Waves

The Theory Of Aether Waves – Aether History of the theory of Ethereal waves Theory Of Ethereal Waves Aether Waves The modern concept of Aether was started by Rene Descartes, who suggested in 1644 that no empty space could exist and that space must therefore be filled with matter. Parts of this matter tend to