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Transmission of thought

Remote extrasensory interaction between two minds, transmission of thought A group of international neuroscientists and robotics engineers have discovered for the first time that a human brain can indeed “talk” to another human brain in a direct manner, even from thousands of kilometers away. The study, conducted in coordination with Harvard Medical School, on the

Observer Effect

Observer Effect, Observation Affects Reality. Observer in quantum physics I have now read such a statement that no one in this world understands what quantum mechanics is. This is perhaps the most important thing to know about her. Of course, many physicists have learned to use laws and even predict phenomena based on quantum computing.

Mass and Gravity in the Universe

Mass and Gravity in the Universe before and after the birth of visible matter Mass and Gravity in the Universe before and after the birth of visible matterDesigners have such a rule: look through time at your decisions and look atthem in a new way, and as they say, evaluate that in the dry residue.

The energy of time

The energy of time. Time energy. “These strange experiments Kozyrev” Barashenkov V.S. The energy of time In 1952, 40 years ago, the Pulkovo astronomer Nikolai Kozyrev expressed the “fantastic” idea of ​​converting time into energy. The fact that time is capable of being generated and absorbed by material bodies has substantiated his idea with experience.


PROBLEMS OF THE INHOMOGENEOUS PHYSICAL VACUUM. In order of the extended discussion and information interchange between experts in problems of physical vacuum, at first time on web we presents the monography “Polarization model of the inhomogeneous physical vacuum”. by V.L. Dyatlov. The monography was published in the small number of copies by publishing office of

The SECRET of eternal youth

The SECRET of eternal youth The SECRET of eternal youth was revealed to Radik Bogdanov, a resident of the Bashkir village of Yazykovo, in a dream. A huge ball, with another one inside. The vision was blurry, but he woke up knowing exactly how to make a “rejuvenation capsule”. Rejuvenation capsuleIt will consist of two

Wilhelm Reich.

In the middle Thirties Dr. Reich began noticing an lively association that’s shared by all living beings and had the clarity of mind to not dismiss the observation as unimportant. Dr. Reich referred to as this energy “orgone” and worked for many years demonstrating its laws and learning its varied manifestations. His work encompassed forty


Photon. The new definition of a photon includes the following properties of electromagnetic waves: The propagation of magnetic waves and the constant speed of light. The consequence of determining the gravity and wave behavior of a photon as a transverse wave over the tension of the longitudinal curvature of the Global Aether is that the gravitational